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Monday, 22 June 2009


Norwich City Football Club, Ltd., after a plucky fight against adverse circumstances, has now to be wound up. This decision was made at the annual general meeting of shareholders held last evening at the Museum Café, the following resolution having been carried:- "That owing to the company being unable to meet it liabilities, it is hereby resolved that the same be wound up voluntarily, and that Mr. Robert Charles Spicer, of Queen Street, Norwich, incorporated accountant, be and is hereby appointed liquidator."

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Friday, 12 June 2009

ITFC Co. Ltd., the plc and the Marcus Evans Group

Following the incorporation of Ipswich Town Football Club Company Limited in 1936 - as the club turned professional - all was pretty quite - in terms of the clubs organisation - until the new millennium, when things changed quite rapidly. First the club restructured itself to enable the issue of £25 million in loan notes and, following a period of administration - as a result of relegation from the Premiership, a bottoming out of the player transfer market and the collapse of ITV Digital - the "takeover" by the newly formed Ipswich Town plc offered Town supporters the chance to "own a bit of ITFC" while raising much needed funds as the club sought to solve all it's financial woes with a hasty return to England's top flight. That plan failed to reach fruit and in December 2007, 87.5% of the club was sold to the Marcus Evans Group.

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Famous Town Fans

John Peel, John Motson, Nik Kershaw, Griff Rhys Jones, Bill Werbeniuk, Brian Cant and Julie Andrews, have all declared allegiance to the Town cause at one time or another. An update to one of the site's most popular pages..

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Town at War

Part 1: Victory Celebrations

WHEN the Second World War came to an end the game in this country faced enormous problems. Many players - including a fare share from Ipswich as we shall see - were still with the armed forces, many grounds were bomb-damaged and the rationing of petrol severely restricted public and private transportation alike. To reduce costs the Football League was divided into regional sections (the blues managed by A. Scott Duncan competing in the Third Division South (North)), promotion and relegation were suspended and the FA Cup was played on a two-legged home and away basis. Despite this fragmented format spectators flocked back to games in their thousands with an incredible 85,000 attending the FA Cup tie between Bolton and Stoke (33 sadly dieing in an ensuing crush at Burnden Park).

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Friday, 5 June 2009

Previously unseen kit?

We came across these photographs recently and, judging by the scoreboard in one of them, have identified this as being from 3rd August 1995 pre-season game in Finland against Rakuunat.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Happy 58th Birthday Arnold

The Man with Velvet Feet ... Arnoldus Johannus Hyacinthus Muhren

A few years ago Kevin Beattie was once gain voted the greatest Town player of all time in a poll run by the East Anglian Daily Times. With no disrespect to a player that Bobby Robson described as the best English player of the 70's, my vote went to Arnold Muhren.

Robson's signing of the Dutch midfielder from FC Twente at the start of the 78/79 season was an absolute masterstroke. The impact that Muhren had on the side over the next four years -- with his breadth of vision and a left foot that delivered inch perfect passes, seemingly without effort -- is unquestionable.

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