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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Do You Remember ... 1961

First Division, here we come!

Having engineered his first promotion, from the Third Division, in 1957, manager Alf Ramsey went about consolidating and building a Blues side that could take the Club higher. In the previous three seasons, Blues had gained 44, 40 and 44 points as they finished in mid-table positions each time. All that was about to change at their fourth attempt to secure another promotion.

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Saturday, 30 May 2009



Amidst the end of season scramble for points for (an ultimately futile attempt at) Premier League survival and the excitement of a visit of Manchester United in April, 2002, you could perhaps be forgiven for missing a group of very proud gentlemen that made their way, pre-match, from the player's tunnel across the hallowed turf to the Portman Road centre circle. Those gentleman, fresh from a player's reunion dinner the night before, were the surviving members of Town's Championship winning side of forty-years earlier, and included in their number Bill Baxter. This was the Scotsman's first visit to the ground since a rather ignominious departure in 1971, but more on that in a moment.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Do You Remember...

...The Soviet Invasion of Ipswich?

In late 1988 rumours circulated that Blues were attempting to break new ground - creating Football League history, in fact - by going deep behind the Iron Curtain for their next signing! Very few Western European Clubs had ever signed a Soviet player, and Second Division Blues were planning on becoming the first English side to make such a signing.

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