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Famous Town Fans

Ipswich born dartist Keith Deller (top left) pictured at FPR in 1970's

Latest inductees to this page include drummers Dominic Greensmith (formerly of Reef who now plays for Kubb) and Ed Lay (from Editors, who is Ipswich born and bred!). More information on the pair can be found at, respectively, www.kubbmusic.co.uk and www.editorsmusic.co.uk. Thanks to Mark Pritchard for the info.

Prince William, second in line to the throne, was spotted in an academy away shirt, while taking part in a game at his former school Eton in March 2006. While he may have developed a soft spot for the Boys in Blue we think it unlikely that he would switch his allegiance from Aston Villa, for whom he is known to be a staunch supporter, although the Sunday tabloid that covered the story suggested otherwise.

The film version of the Sound of Music celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2005, and lead actress Julie Andrews, it transpires, is a fan of the Blue's. While on a close season tour of Barbados back in 1974, Bobby Robson and the boys were invited on set to watch Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif shooting scenes for the film The Tamarind Seed. During a break in filming Andrews was heard to ask who the guests were and when told they were from ITFC she exclaimed "Oh, that's my favourite team." Now how's that for street cred! (read an EADT article on the subject here)

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Will Young - Singer
The Pop Idol runner-up has appeared in Town get-up on a number of occasions, mostly recently in a fetching blue sweater with club crest while being interviewed by the beeb's Chris Moyles.
Bill Oddie - Comedian and Twitcher
Goodies star and twitcher Bill Oddie followed the Town during the 1980's (so reports Simon Garrod).
Daley Thompson - Decathlete & Dual Olympic Champion

We have recently received unsubstantiated information to the effect that "tight shorts" Daley Tompson is a true blue.

In 1984 Daley Thompson, became only the second person in Olympic history to claim the decathlon gold twice. Thompson first competed in the decathlon in the 1976 Montreal Games as an 18-year-old finishing 18th! However, four years later at the Moscow Olympics, he won the gold medal, finishing 150 points ahead of his nearest rival. Until Daley arrived on the scene, the decathlon was one of the least popular spectator events in athletics. Daley changed all that with his colour and flamboyance, making each element of the decathlon a drama in itself. In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Thompson was at his peak. He won the gold with a total of 8797 points, equalling the USA's Bob Mathias' achievement of two decathlon golds. A year later, the IAAF adjusted the scores and Thompson was given the world record with 8847 points.

Carl Giles OBE - Cartoonist
London born Giles, renowned for his Daily Express cartoons, lived and worked in the Ipswich area until his death in 1995. His prodigious output numbered 7,500 official cartoons, a number of which have a football theme, including a personalised cartoon presented to Bobby Robson, former Town manager, at his Testimonial Dinner at Portman Road in January, 1980.
James King - BBC Radio One Personality/Movie Reviewer
Heard on air making derogatory comments about our "dear neighbours to the north" during a conversation with Radio One's Steve Lamacq !
The 'Boom Town Rats'
Our source may be completely wrong but he is sure that the 'Boom Town Rats' used to be Ipswich supporters or at least during their hey days he remembers reading in one of the music mags that Bob Geldof claimed to be one.
Duncan and Dave - Punk/Mod Band Snuff

The great hard-core band Snuff have two loyal fans of the Super Blues in their lineup. Founder member, drummer and the all round talented Duncan, and his trombone playing brother Dave have both worn Ipswich tops on stage. They still play to big crowds in the UK and Europe and are very big in Japan. Peely had got a session or two out of them, as has Jo Whiley.

Dave was kind enough to drop us a line and says: "I grew out of various glory hunting type delusions in 1976 and started going to Portman Road with the whole of the rest of the family including Duncan. We didn't miss a home game over the next couple of years and went to all of the cup winning run except Cardiff".

Dave moved away from Suffolk after the '78 Cup Final returning just a few years ago but has been to as many Town games as band commitments have allowed. He continues "Now they're more popular its not so easy. I'm on the ballot so I've got to a few games this season".

Look out for an upcoming Nike advert which uses one of the band tracks, in the meantime here is a list some of Snuff's Album releases: Caught in Session, Demmamussabebonk, Flibbiddydibbiddydob, In The Fishtank, Kilburn National, Numb Nuts (one of their most recent releases - album cover pictured above), Reach, Scminkie Minkie Pinkie, Snuffsaidbutgorblimeyguvstonemeifhedidn'tthrow, Tweet Tweet My Lovely and Potatoes and Melons at Wholesale Prices Direct to You the Public.

More info on the band can be found at www.snuff.net

Meryvn King - Dart Player
Professional Dart Player, and England International, Mervyn King. Born in Ipswich in March, 1966, the Suffolk lad reached the Embassy Darts Championship semi-final in 1997 and is currently ranked number one in the world.
Nik Kershaw - 1980's Chart King

Diminutive singer, guitarist, songwriter Kershaw shone brightly for a couple of years in the mid-80's UK charts before taking a more behind the scenes role in the 90s, writing for the likes of Elton John and notably Chesney Hawkes' massive hit 'The One And Only'.

Kershaw, although Bristol born, was a regular at Portman Road during the 1970's and 1980's.

Recently corroborated with Spencer Vignes, of Match of the Day magazine, to produce "Wouldn't it be good to be a Bluenose" the un-official Birmingham City song for the Worthington Cup Final. Hmmm !.

Griff Rhys Jones - Comedian

TV Comedian of Not The Nine O'Clock News and Alas Smith & Jones fame.

Last seen (at Portman Road that is) in a rather excited mood in Churchmans in 1993.

Jeff Stewart - Actor
Assorted acting roles in "Crossroads", "Minder" and "Hi de Hi" before becoming one of the early members of "The Bill" cast as PC Reg Hollis.
Trevor Nunn - Director

Director of the Royal National Theatre since October 1997. Appointed as youngest ever Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1965.

Made an Honorary Master of Arts by the University of East Anglia at the same ceremony as Bobby Robson.

Sir Peter Hall - Director
Bury St. Edmunds born Sir Peter founded the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1960.
David Starie - Boxer
Ipswich born World Super Middleweight Champion Boxer. Photographs of him taken at Wembley in May 2000 - with face painted white and hair dyed blue - take pride of place on his mantelpiece.
John Motson - Commentator
Educated at Culford School near Bury St. Edmunds, "Motty" must be one of the most instantly recognisable figures in British football and has provided match commentaries for the BBC for almost thirty years. A regular on the Portman Road terraces during his school days. Actually claims to be a Barnet fan but I think he is just being modest !.
John Peel - DJ

Veteran BBC DJ John Peel died at the age of 65 while on holiday in Peru in 2004. Peel, who lived just outside Stowmarket, was on a working holiday with his wife Sheila when he suffered a heart attack.

Peel, BBC Radio 1's longest-serving DJ, was a big football fan and despite being a diehard Liverpool supporter had adopted Town as his second club and along with his wife - a passionate Blue's fan - was a season ticket holder at FPR.

Peel was one of the first DJs to give exposure to punk, reggae and hip-hop, and was highly regard in the music industry around the world. In addition to his Radio One programmes, he could also be heard on the World Service, and most recently on Radio Four.

Keith Deller - Dart Player

Ipswich born Keith Deller, a former Portman Road ball boy (see picture at the top of this page), was Embassy World Professional Darts Champion in 1983 and British Professional Champion in 1987.

Here he is pictured in '83 with the first of those two trophies, then Town manager Bobby Ferguson and a number of Town first team players.

He has represented England, won Double Diamond Masters and World Cup Team Championship medals, and also set a Guinness World Record for the fastest game of 301 in just 97 seconds.

Nigel Havers - Actor
Actor in numerous TV shows his film credits include Chariots of Fire (1981); A Passage to India (1984); Empire of the Sun (1987); The Whistle Blower (1986); Farewell to the King (1989); and Quiet Days in Clichy (1990).
Bill Treacher - Actor
Has earned critical acclaim for his varied work in theatre, television and radio. Best known perhaps for his role as Arthur Fowler in Eastenders. Lives in Fornham near Bury St. Edmunds.
Bill Werbeniuk - Snooker Player
The 20-stone giant Canadian sadly passed away in January, 2003. A well known Town fan - indeed he was spotted wearing an ITFC tie on TV way back in 1978 - Bill reached his snooker playing peak in the early 1980's, ranking No. 8 in 1983. The four-time World Championship quarter-finalist also helped his home nation win the 1982 World Cup. Cliff Thorburn's tribute to the Vancouver born snooker star can be found here.
Brian Cant - Childrens TV Superstar

See Famous Town Fans: Brian Cant

David Ford from London reports: "Having read your little piece on Brian Cant [see link above], I can say with hand on heart that he is an Ipswich supporter and has been to Portman Road. I wore an Ipswich top to a pantomime in the late seventies that he was acting in (in Guildford), and my my mum dragged me along to the greenroom afterwards where I spoke to him. He talked about ITFC a bit and said that that year he had not managed to see many games that year, due to all his TV comitments."


Many thanks to Ixworth Blue, James Partridge, Timm (at ITFC Video), Pat Robinson, David J Hetherington, David Ford, Simon Garrad, Doug Hasseler and Mark Pritchard for their input.

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