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Famous Town Fans: Brian Cant

In the first of an occasional series, in which we will take a look at the lives and careers of famous Town fans, we feature Children's TV legend Brian Cant.

Born in Ipswich, not only did Brian provide the character voice over's and sing in Camberwick Green, Chigley, and the ultimate nineteen seventies television classic Trumpton, he also presented Play School and the more recent Play Away.

Having started his working life as a lithographic artist for a shop in Ipswich he moved to London, where, in a round about route involving several years at a repertory company in Peterborough, he was signed up by the BBC for a small role in a TV play about the Army.

From there further roles in Doctor Who, Dixon of Dock Green, Danger Man and School Dramas followed and finally his big break came when he passed an audition for Play School and that's where he stayed for the next eighteen years !. His association with Play School lead to the narration of the Trumptonshire series in which he also sang all the songs.

None of this has anything whatsoever to do with Football so we will end this rambling piece right here.

Well not quite because we would like, quite unashamedly, to take the opportunity to plug one of our heroes more recent works of genius Diggers And Dumpers.

Presented and narrated by Brian this animated cartoon will teach you all you could possibly want to know about big-wheeled machines from tractors (very topical !) to diggers and dumpers. Available at all good video stockist's.

Whether or not Brian is a regular at Portman Road, or has ever attended a game there, we have been unable to ascertain, but in any case Brian ..... Pride of Anglia salutes you !

Other famous Town fans we know of are DJ John Peel's wife, Boxer David Starie and Match of the Day commentator John Motson ... but more on them later.

Brian Cant picture courtesy of Richard Evans at www.T-web.co.uk

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