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Wembley ’78 Thirtieth Anniversary:
Cup Final Commentary and other audio delights

1978 FA Cup Final Album Covers

"Bobby's Dazzler's" Official Souvenir Album featuring BBC Radio Match Commentary...

Produced by Quality Recordings Ltd in arrangement with BBC Radio Enterprises and The Football Association. Production: Dennis Davies and Bob Keenan. Commentators: Alan Parry and Peter Jones. From the original vinyl recording...

 First Half (17.8MB 19:31)

 Second Half (17.3MB 18:59)

"We Won The Cup" The Story of Town's from 257 Radio Orwell...

Produced by Radio Orwell Ltd. Narrated by Andy Archer, Pete Barraclough. Match Reports: Pete Barraclough, Tim Ewart. Reporting: Andy Archer, Andy Kluz, Paul Brown. Written and Produced by Pete Barraclough and the Radio Orwell Sports Unit. Broadcast Engineering: Richard Allison and the Radio Orwell Engineering Staff. Record Production: Hillside Sound Studies, Ipswich. From the original vinyl recording...

 The Road To The Final (11.0MB 12:04)

 And So To Wembley (13.1MB 14:24)

 The Victory Celebrations (9.0MB 09:49)

 The Homecoming (15.0MB 16:27)

The FA Cup Final 7" Single...

From the original vinyl recording...

 Ipswich, Ipswich, Get That Goal (2.74MB 2:59)

 The Ipswich Song (2.86MB 3:07)

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