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Date Opponent V H/T F/T     Competition Attendance Goal Scorers Manager
Sat 29/8/1936TUNBRIDGE WELLS RANGERSH2-04-1WReportSouthern League14211Bobby Bruce, George Dobson, Jack Blackwell, Jackie WilliamsMick OBrien
Sat 5/9/1936CRYSTAL PALACE RESERVESH 2-2DReportFriendly6500Jack Blackwell, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 12/9/1936MargateA1-01-0WReportSouthern League4305Jackie WilliamsMick OBrien
Sat 19/9/1936EASTERN COUNTIES UNITEDH3-07-0WReportFA Cup Preliminary Round6700Bobby Bruce, Jock Carter, Jack Blackwell (3) , George Dobson (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 26/9/1936Guildford CityA2-13-2WReportSouthern League3094Bobby Bruce, George Dobson (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 3/10/1936STOWMARKETH4-08-0WReportFA Cup 1st Qualifying Round7500George Perrett, Bobby Bruce (3) , Jock Carter (3) , Jackie LittleMick OBrien
Thu 8/10/1936Tottenham Hotspur XIA 1-0WReportBury Hospital Cup UnknownMick OBrien
Sat 10/10/1936Tunbridge Wells RangersA1-02-0WReportSouthern League3925Jack Blackwell, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 17/10/1936Lowestoft TownA0-11-1DReportFA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round3675Jack BlackwellMick OBrien
Wed 21/10/1936LOWESTOFT TOWNH4-07-1WReportFA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round, Replay5500George Perrett (3) , Jackie Williams (2) , Jock Carter, George DobsonMick OBrien
Sat 24/10/1936DartfordA0-00-0DReportSouthern League3500Mick OBrien
Wed 31/10/1936CROMERH5-011-0WReportFA Cup Division Final4200Bobby Bruce (2) , George Dobson (2) , Jack Blackwell (2) , Jackie Williams (2) , Jimmy McLuckie (2) , Jock CarterMick OBrien
Wed 4/11/1936NORWICH CITY RESERVESH0-00-1LReportSouthern League Cup9823Mick OBrien
Sat 7/11/1936FolkestoneA2-13-1WReportSouthern League3000George Perrett, Jackie Williams, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 14/11/1936CAMBRIDGE TOWNH0-02-1WReportFA Cup 4th Qualifying Round8500Jack Blackwell, Herbert ClementsMick OBrien
Wed 18/11/1936TORQUAY UNITED RESERVESH0-00-0DReportSouthern League4800Mick OBrien
Sat 21/11/1936Exeter City ReservesA1-12-2DReportSouthern League1000Jock Carter, George DobsonMick OBrien
Sat 28/11/1936WATFORDH1-02-1WReportFA Cup 1st Round18229Bobby Bruce, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Wed 2/12/1936DARTFORDH1-13-1WReportSouthern League5000Jackie Williams, Jackie Little, Jock SowerbyMick OBrien
Sat 5/12/1936NEWPORT COUNTY RESERVESH0-11-1DReportSouthern League8100Ambrose MulraneyMick OBrien
Sat 12/12/1936SPENNYMOOR UNITEDH1-11-2LReportFA Cup 2nd Round12491Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 19/12/1936PLYMOUTH ARGYLE RESERVESH2-24-3WReportSouthern League8100Jimmy McLuckie, Bobby Bruce, Jock Carter (2) Mick OBrien
Fri 25/12/1936Norwich City ReservesA1-02-0WReportSouthern League9800Jimmy McLuckie, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 26/12/1936NORWICH CITY RESERVESH1-11-3LReportSouthern League15242Ambrose MulraneyMick OBrien
Wed 30/12/1936BATH CITYH0-11-1DReportSouthern League5256Jack BlackwellMick OBrien
Sat 2/1/1937NORTHFLEETH 2-1WReportFriendly4275Unknown (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 9/1/1937BARRY TOWNH3-04-1WReportSouthern League8245Bobby Bruce, Jock Carter, Mason (og) (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 16/1/1937Yeovil and Petters UnitedA2-44-4DReportSouthern League4200Jackie Williams, Jock Carter (3) Mick OBrien
Sat 23/1/1937CHELSEA RESERVESH 2-1WReportFriendly6200Ambrose Mulraney (2) Mick OBrien
Wed 27/1/1937Aldershot ReservesA0-02-1WReportSouthern League975George Perrett, Jack BlackwellMick OBrien
Sat 30/1/1937TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR RESERVESH 4-5LReportFriendly4200Ambrose Mulraney (3) , George PerrettMick OBrien
Sat 6/2/1937ALDERSHOT RESERVESH1-01-0WReportSouthern League8500Charlie CowieMick OBrien
Sat 13/2/1937Cheltenham TownA2-03-1WReportSouthern League1900Bobby Bruce (2) , Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 20/2/1937GUILDFORD CITYH2-14-1WReportSouthern League8200Bobby Bruce (2) , Jack Blackwell (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 27/2/1937Bath CityA2-03-2WReportSouthern League1880Jimmy McLuckie, Bobby Bruce, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Wed 3/3/1937EXETER CITY RESERVESH2-06-0WReportSouthern League4700George Perrett, Bobby Bruce, Jock Carter, Jack Blackwell (2) , George DobsonMick OBrien
Sat 6/3/1937MARGATEH3-13-2WReportSouthern League10150Bobby Bruce, George Dobson (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 13/3/1937Plymouth Argyle ReservesA0-01-1DReportSouthern League5000Jimmy McLuckieMick OBrien
Wed 17/3/1937GILLINGHAMH 1-1DReportFriendly3200Jackie LittleMick OBrien
Sat 20/3/1937FOLKESTONEH0-00-1LReportSouthern League10149Mick OBrien
Wed 24/3/1937Dutch FA XIA 1-5LReportFriendly9000Jock SowerbyMick OBrien
Sat 27/3/1937CHELSEA RESERVESH 4-0WReportFriendly6927George Dobson, Jack Edwards (2) , Jock SowerbyMick OBrien
Mon 29/3/1937ALLOA ATHLETICH 3-2WReportFriendly12259George Perrett, Jack Edwards (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 3/4/1937Torquay United ReservesA0-12-2DReportSouthern League1500Jock Carter (2) Mick OBrien
Sat 10/4/1937Newport County ReservesA2-12-1WReportSouthern League4850Jock Carter, Jock SowerbyMick OBrien
Wed 14/4/1937SOUTHEND UNITED RESERVESH 2-3LReportFriendly2856Jackie Little, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Sat 17/4/1937YEOVIL AND PETTERS UNITEDH1-03-0WReportSouthern League10238Charlie Cowie, Jock Carter, Jack EdwardsMick OBrien
Mon 19/4/1937NEWCASTLE UNITEDH 1-4LReportFriendly10527Jack EdwardsMick OBrien
Sat 24/4/1937CHELTENHAM TOWNH2-03-0WReportSouthern League7200George Perrett, Jimmy McLuckie, Jock CarterMick OBrien
Mon 26/4/1937NORWICH CITYH2-13-2 See Note 1WReportIpswich Hospital Cup10227George Dobson, Jock Carter (2) Mick OBrien
Wed 28/4/1937Norwich CityA 1-3LReportTestimonial (J Scott & B Robinson)4200Jack EdwardsMick OBrien
Sat 1/5/1937Barry TownA0-10-3LReportSouthern League4562Mick OBrien

Results notes

(1) Night match

Season Summary

Competition P W D L F A
FA Cup8611396
Southern League Cup100101
Southern League3019836835
Ipswich Hospital Cup110032
Bury Hospital Cup110010

(1) Excludes abandoned games (if any).
(2) Matches decided on penalties (if any) count as a drawn game.

Attendance Summary

  Home Average Home Total Away Average Away Total
League 8539 128091 3566 53491
Cup/Play-offs 9241 83170 3675 3675

Player Appearances and Goals

Blackwell, Jack28/10/1909Inside Forward3216
Bruce, Bobby20/1/1906Inside Forward3818
Button, -1 
Carter, Jock11/11/1910Centre Forward4630
Clements, HerbertLeft Winger11
Cowie, Charlie23/4/1907Centre Half422
Cross, JackLeft Winger1 
Dobson, George7/11/1910Left Winger3513
Edwards, Jack1/1/1913Forward147
Hays, Jack12/12/1918Forward5 
Houldsworth, Fred29/5/1911Goalkeeper47 
Jobson, TomWing Half5 
Little, Jackie17/5/1912Forward94
Maudsley, RichardWinger1 
McLuckie, Jimmy2/4/1908Wing Half417
Mulraney, Ambrose18/5/1916Forward187
 own goal2
Parry, Ossie16/8/1908Full Back43 
Perrett, George2/5/1915Half Back3910
Shufflebottom, Frank9/10/1917Full Back16 
Simnett, -1 
Smith, TInside Forward1 
Sowerbutts, Harry17/2/1910Goalkeeper1 
Sowerby, JockInside Forward16(1)4
Thomson, Bob24/10/1905Full Back43 
Williams, Jackie20/3/1911Winger359
Witcombe, -1 
Blackwell, Jack28/10/1909Inside Forward208
Bruce, Bobby20/1/1906Inside Forward2511
Button, - 
Carter, Jock11/11/1910Centre Forward2918
Clements, HerbertLeft Winger 
Cowie, Charlie23/4/1907Centre Half272
Cross, JackLeft Winger1 
Dobson, George7/11/1910Left Winger237
Edwards, Jack1/1/1913Forward71
Hays, Jack12/12/1918Forward3 
Houldsworth, Fred29/5/1911Goalkeeper29 
Jobson, TomWing Half1 
Little, Jackie17/5/1912Forward21
Maudsley, RichardWinger1 
McLuckie, Jimmy2/4/1908Wing Half275
Mulraney, Ambrose18/5/1916Forward102
 own goal2
Parry, Ossie16/8/1908Full Back28 
Perrett, George2/5/1915Half Back254
Shufflebottom, Frank9/10/1917Full Back9 
Simnett, - 
Smith, TInside Forward1 
Sowerbutts, Harry17/2/1910Goalkeeper1 
Sowerby, JockInside Forward122
Thomson, Bob24/10/1905Full Back27 
Williams, Jackie20/3/1911Winger225
Witcombe, - 
Blackwell, Jack28/10/1909Inside Forward41
Bruce, Bobby20/1/1906Inside Forward6 
Button, -1 
Carter, Jock11/11/1910Centre Forward84
Clements, HerbertLeft Winger 
Cowie, Charlie23/4/1907Centre Half7 
Cross, JackLeft Winger 
Dobson, George7/11/1910Left Winger72
Edwards, Jack1/1/1913Forward76
Hays, Jack12/12/1918Forward2 
Houldsworth, Fred29/5/1911Goalkeeper9 
Jobson, TomWing Half1 
Little, Jackie17/5/1912Forward32
Maudsley, RichardWinger 
McLuckie, Jimmy2/4/1908Wing Half5 
Mulraney, Ambrose18/5/1916Forward85
 own goal 
Parry, Ossie16/8/1908Full Back7 
Perrett, George2/5/1915Half Back62
Shufflebottom, Frank9/10/1917Full Back6 
Simnett, -1 
Smith, TInside Forward 
Sowerbutts, Harry17/2/1910Goalkeeper 
Sowerby, JockInside Forward2(1)2
Thomson, Bob24/10/1905Full Back7 
Williams, Jackie20/3/1911Winger5 
Witcombe, -1 
Blackwell, Jack28/10/1909Inside Forward77
Bruce, Bobby20/1/1906Inside Forward67
Button, - 
Carter, Jock11/11/1910Centre Forward88
Clements, HerbertLeft Winger11
Cowie, Charlie23/4/1907Centre Half7 
Cross, JackLeft Winger 
Dobson, George7/11/1910Left Winger44
Edwards, Jack1/1/1913Forward 
Hays, Jack12/12/1918Forward 
Houldsworth, Fred29/5/1911Goalkeeper8 
Jobson, TomWing Half3 
Little, Jackie17/5/1912Forward41
Maudsley, RichardWinger 
McLuckie, Jimmy2/4/1908Wing Half82
Mulraney, Ambrose18/5/1916Forward 
 own goal 
Parry, Ossie16/8/1908Full Back7 
Perrett, George2/5/1915Half Back74
Shufflebottom, Frank9/10/1917Full Back1 
Simnett, - 
Smith, TInside Forward 
Sowerbutts, Harry17/2/1910Goalkeeper 
Sowerby, JockInside Forward2 
Thomson, Bob24/10/1905Full Back8 
Williams, Jackie20/3/1911Winger74
Witcombe, - 
Blackwell, Jack28/10/1909Inside Forward1 
Bruce, Bobby20/1/1906Inside Forward1 
Button, - 
Carter, Jock11/11/1910Centre Forward1 
Clements, HerbertLeft Winger 
Cowie, Charlie23/4/1907Centre Half1 
Cross, JackLeft Winger 
Dobson, George7/11/1910Left Winger1 
Edwards, Jack1/1/1913Forward 
Hays, Jack12/12/1918Forward 
Houldsworth, Fred29/5/1911Goalkeeper1 
Jobson, TomWing Half 
Little, Jackie17/5/1912Forward 
Maudsley, RichardWinger 
McLuckie, Jimmy2/4/1908Wing Half1 
Mulraney, Ambrose18/5/1916Forward 
 own goal 
Parry, Ossie16/8/1908Full Back1 
Perrett, George2/5/1915Half Back1 
Shufflebottom, Frank9/10/1917Full Back 
Simnett, - 
Smith, TInside Forward 
Sowerbutts, Harry17/2/1910Goalkeeper 
Sowerby, JockInside Forward 
Thomson, Bob24/10/1905Full Back1 
Williams, Jackie20/3/1911Winger1 
Witcombe, - 

Final League Table

Southern League
                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
 1. IPSWICH TOWN             30 19  8  3 68 35 46
 2. Norwich City Reserves    30 18  5  7 70 35 41
 3. Folkestone               30 17  4  9 71 61 38
 4. Bath City                30 15  5 10 66 52 35
 5. Margate                  30 15  4 11 61 49 34
 6. Guildford City           30 15  4 11 54 60 34
 7. Yeovil & Petters United  30 15  3 12 77 69 33
 8. Newport County Reserves  30 11  8 11 72 68 30
 9. Plymouth Argyle Reserves 30 11  8 11 64 58 30
10. Barry Town               30 12  4 14 58 72 28
11. Cheltenham Town          30 10  4 16 61 70 24
12. Exeter City Reserves     30  8  7 15 57 78 23
13. Dartford                 30  9  5 16 41 55 23
14. Torquay United           30  8  5 17 45 76 21
15. Tunbridge Wells Rangers  30  7  6 17 62 64 20
16. Aldershot Reserves       30  7  6 17 47 72 20

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